During the Break with Clint Powell and Chasity Snowden, former World Crossfit Games Competitor. We are talking healthy habits, food is fuel, chronic diseases and pain, the quarantined life, and much more!

Match Health Academy

At home comprehensive courses guiding patients on how to navigate their health diagnosis. Courses include COPD, Sleep Apnea, Asthma, and Coronary Artery Disease.

As the course instructor for the Ultimate Guide to Afib Nutrition, patients will learn to:

  • Learn what nutrients can  help manage AFib
  • Establish specific nutrient targets to optimize AFib health
  • Discover the optimal  “heart healthy” diet
  • Stock your food pantry and fridge with AFib-friendly alternatives
  • Learn which foods to avoid
  • Learn how to prepare  “AFib healthy” and tasty recipes

See excerpt of what to expect below:


Recipes for a Positive Life

Recipes designed for people living with HIV and related health issues, including lipodystrophy, neuropathy, muscle wasting, diabetes, kidney- and gastro-intestinal health, and hypertension. The recipes are easy to make, using readily available ingredients, and each recipe is tailored to meet the nutritional needs of not just the comorbidities related to HIV but also people trying to live their healthiest life.

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“As someone who’s been living with HIV for over 20 years and someone who’s been carrying around 50 extra lbs, these recipes are a god send. I’ve tried several and they are easy to make, nutritionally sound and absolutely delicious. Kudos to Ms Stegmann for writing such a thoughtful cookbook. Oh and BTW the recipes are for everyone looking who is looking closely at their caloric intake and dietary needs. And did I already mention that they are delicious!!!”


“This is a comprehensive thorough text that goes Beyond the excellent delicious meals depicted. It is Unique in the way the Chapters are titled. They are labelled with specific topics, like Muscle Wasting or Gastro Intestinal Health or Kidney Health. Then a full page synopsis of these is presented along with user friendly Explanations on how Diet can address them. Incredible recipes and enticing Photography complete the package. So refreshing to see such a Loving and Caring approach that enhances the reader as opposed to preaching to him or her.”

I got this as a Christmas gift, but will purchase to send to many Others.


“This cookbook is a must have, not only for people who are HIV -POZ , this amazing cookbook is a fantastic vehicle towards healthy eating and living for non HIV -POZ folks as well”