Providing affordable dietary counseling to improve your health and quality of life through food!

I help people manage health conditions, increase energy, reach weight goals and feel their best through sustainable nutrition habits.


My goal is to teach you healthy nutritional habits based on the latest scientific research. I treat each case as an individual, meeting you on your own specific nutritional journey wherever that may be. My approach is unique and allows you to include all foods into your plan. If you can recreate it in your kitchen and pronounce the ingredients; there is a place for it in your life. You are the pilot of your life, my goal is to ensure you live a long and healthy one!

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“I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle and Amanda taught me (not told me) how. Amanda’s focus on real food really helped me. I wanted to learn how I could eat what my body and taste buds needed and that’s what Amanda helped me with.” -Tammy Blocker

“It felt like Amanda taught me how to make healthy delicious meals, not how to follow a meal plan and helped me discover that I actually liked some healthy foods that I thought I hated.” – Angelle Sullivan

“As a working Mom of 3 kids, it’s always an incredible pressure to not slip into feeding my family conveniently and instead ensure they are getting balanced meals. Amanda has supported me in learning about how easy it can and how to prepare foods ahead of time that can be frozen and pulled out throughout the week. In addition to always providing me tips for grocery shopping, she has helped me to understand the facts and the myths, and how to best use the science of food to keep my family eating healthy.” – Kelli Rogers